(795) Welder

Basic Function and Scope: Carries out a variety of high pressure and general welding work mainly in the fabrications workshop and on site using electric arc, oxygen and acetylene equipment, and metal inert gas or tungsten inert gas. Function: a. Receives verbal instructions, work orders sketches and drawings from workshop foreman and arranges for necessary equipment, tools and materials. Consumables, materials and any special tools to carry out the work. Ensures welding work permits are available prior to starting a job. b. Reads drawings, sketches or symbols, marks or makes free-hand layout on metal and prepares metal surface for welding. Selects the correct type and gauge welding rods for specific welds in specific types of materials, such as carbon steel, ferritic, austenitie and stainless steel. c. Operates electric and welding machines, and adjusts ampere and voltage during welding. Operates oxygen/acetylene welding equipment, connects regulators, torch and gas cylinders, adjusts gas pressure. d. Welds, cuts and brazes metal and metal parts. Works with ferrous and nonferrous metals, such as brass, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Performs flat, vertical and overhead welding, as well as pipeline welding for gas, oil, steam and water lines. e. Operates metal inert gas or tungsten inert gas welding equipment and weld materials, such as heat resistant steel and copper-nickel alloys. f. Uses disc grinders to back-cut welds and drying oven for electrodes, and applies pre and post heat treatment techniques. Also applies correct tacking sequence of large diameter welds to prevent distortion. g. Maintains good housekeeping at all work locations and ensuring compliance with Safety and Fire regulations by wearing protective clothing, footwear, masks, goggles, and gloves and obtaining appropriate work permits before commencing field work. Desired Candidate Profile Minimum Requirements:  Works according to specific crafts standards and in accordance with the Companys Specifications  Interprets drawings and sketches to perform modifications and fabrication work.  Work is closely supervised and subject to inspection by the Workshop

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Welder Welding welding work Acetylene equipment metal fabrication