(606) English Copywriter

- Work in team with an Art Director under the supervision of a Senior Creative - Participate to brainstorming sessions - Work on specific brand assignments - Write fresh, intrusive creative headlines & body copy and ensure to adapt creative concepts from different languages (Arabic, English, French is a plus.) - Write fresh, intrusive content for corporate brochures or press or editorial material. - Supervise the correct creative adaptation of own copy in different languages with the help of the concerned copywriters (Arabic, English, french.) - Writes TVC synopsis with detailed frame-by-frame descriptions - Search for creation-related topics in all available medias (bookshops, internet, photo reportage, editorials etc) - On request, attend film shoots and add value to acting and delivery - Create interruptive, fresh radio spots. - Responsible for supervising VO recording in the language he masters - Show curiosity in all business related and cultural matters - Attend all meetings related to his assigned brands and contribute constructively to those meetings - Understand fully brand strategy and client brief and deliver accordingly - Contribute to fresh and relevant concepts or to executional ideas - Contribute to the developing of visuals concepts and twists - Capable of holistic exploitation of an idea - Inject wit/ humor / humanity in every piece he (she) writes - Contribute to identifying and using fresh insight in his (her) work - Compelling presentation skills bringing the idea alive - Contribute to input on layouts - Contribute to Directors selection - Contributes to the overall talent and voice delivery in all TVC shooting sessions - Same in Print & any other audiovisual work - Contribute in sound design of TVC & Radio spot (music, effects, mix).

Salaire proposé
Domaine de travail
Émirats arabes unis
Niveau d'enseignement
Diplome Universitaire de technologie/ingenierie
Type de travailleurs
Compétences demandées
- Diploma in copywriting (3 years) or BA level in any field provided able to write perfectly in at least one language and master a 2nd language - Previous experience in arts or cultural or journalistic activities is a plus - Preferred with a portfoli