(1575) Reservoir Engineer

Job purpose & Scope: Carry out a variety of reservoir engineering studies, analysis and synthesis on data obtained from, well tests and well production/injection history, in order to devise reservoir parameters to help in understanding reservoir behaviors and ensure optimum oil recovery. Principal Accountabilities: a.) Carry out detailed analysis on data obtained from well and field tests in order to define well and reservoir parameters, such as reservoir permeability, reservoir pressure, formation damage, well productivity and injectivity index. b.) Participate in the preparation of reservoir tests, production logging and sampling requirements. Devise well testing design, including gauge specifications, flowing/injection period and shut-in time. c.) Compare the interpreted test data with previous tests results to recommend remedial measures if required and ensures the updating and maintenance of well testing data files, perforation files including computer data files. d.) Participate in studies designed to improve well testing interpretation methods to be available in the Company. e.) Participate in the studies aimed at deriving oil production and water/gas injection rates necessary for oil production to conform to specified constraints such as limitations of gas/oil ratio, water/oil ration and reservoir pressures by evaluating updated production/injection performance plots. f.) Carry out certain studies based on the derived test results and the application of other reservoir engineering techniques (e.g. isobaric maps, isopermeability maps). g.) Carry out other similar or related duties such as collecting all data related to well testing, production/injection and participating in defining requirements for operations such as PVT Coring, SCAL, etc. h.) Carry out some simulation model studies particularly using models transferred to the reservoir management section to utilize these as an effective monitoring tool. Desired Candidate Profile Minimum Requirements: a.) Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering or similar discipline. b.) 5 years related experience in Reservoir Engineering Applications, including at least 2 years in Operations. c.) Experience in PC applications and mainframe usage.

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Abu Dhabi
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: Reservoir Engineer Oil & Gas O&G Petroleum Engineering Reservoir Engineering Applications Operations mainframe PC applications