JOB SUMMARY: Supervise the preparation of specimen for analysis and diagnosis according toarea of specialization. Oversees processing and screening of specimens microscopically to distinguish and analyze abnormalities and notifies treating doctor accordingly within time frame. 2.0. PRINCIPAL CONTACTS: Has a contact daily with doctors and ward nurses for specimen collection, physicians and nurses with regards to queries about specimen collection and also with Laboratory Medical Clerks for preparation and handling of laboratory results. 3.0.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 3.1. Microbiology 3.1.1. Cultivates and identifies organisms as to Genus/species or general morphological group from patients body fluids 3.1.2. Exudates, skin scrape autopsy and surgical specimens to provide data on the causes and cure of diseases. 3.1.3. May use automated systems such as Vitek AMS and Bactec Blood Culture System. 3.1.4. Isolates bacteria and identifies them by determination of their cultural characteristics and bio-chemical reactions. 3.1.5. Determines the susceptibility of pathogenic organisms to antibiotics. 3.2. Parasitology 3.2.1. Identify intestinal parasites invading blood or other human tissues such as Plasmodium, Leishmania, Trypanosoma, and filarial worms. 3.2.2. Detects parasites when such detection is rendered difficult by the scarcity of the parasites or by its stages of development. 3.2.3. Performs chemical and microscopic analysis of urine using automated systems such as Clinitek. 3.3. Perform other duties as required by the Chief of Laboratory Department. 4.0.JOB SPECIFICATIONS: 4.1. Education: 4.1.1. MBBS or MBBCH (or its equivalent from country of origin) plus 1 year Internship.

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Médical / santé / diagnostic / dispositifs médicaux
Arabie Saoudite
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Diplome Universitaire de technologie/ingenierie
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microbiology microbiologist microbiology consultant microbiology specialist.