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Our partner World Turbo care (WTC) is new on the market, but its team is highly experienced ( 30 years experience  average   ) in the field . It operates and maintains large, complex facilities worldwide. The company is a leading global provider of operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, and industries. O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness, start-up and commissioning. It provides the right specialists for the right positions. we assure success in different services . It also we provide a highly qualified labor force and expertise in the following fields:


Turbine and compressor service solutions in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries  :as

  • Control System :MKI,MKII,MKV,MKVI&MKVIe For GE Turbines
  • Outage : Major inspection , Hot Gas Path inspection 

Rotating Machinery

  • Electromechanical Maintenance on site and workshop 
  • Reconditioning and rewinding motors . AC HV 
  •  LV of all powers 
  • DC and traction motors of all powers . Alternators 

Static machines 

  • Reconditioning and rewinding transformers 
  • Oil analysis 
  • Oil Treatment 


  • Sales Electrical and Mechanical equipments 
  • Sale electric motors and transformers 
  • Equipment and engine explosion proof 
  • Import / Export Motor
  • Diagnostic, Valuation and Review
  • Rewinding AC motor MT-BT
  • All other electrical and mechanical work
  • Manufacture shaft and other mechanical parts
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Vibration analysis
  • The index of polarization (confinement)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Test-load and short circuit


  • Rewinding and Reconditioning
  • Oil Analysis
  • Oil Regeneration
  • Suppling and installation accessories
  • Test-load and short circuit 

Rehabilitation Alternators

  • Rebuilding alternators (stator and rotor < 10 MVA)
  • Replacement magnetic circuit
  • Reconstruction and rewinding stator and rotor Maintenance of alternator (stator and rotor < 30 MVA)
  • registration and on-site cleanup Renovation, reconstruction of excitatory
  • Grinding of collectors and shop on site
  • Specialized engineers and technicians to assist you and advise you in all your achievements and engineering to start-up, in effect:
  • A workshop area of 1000 m2 appropriate for all repairs
  • An overhead traveling cranelO Tons
  • A test platform LV, HV and DC variable voltage up to 10 KV
  • A drying oven at atmospheric air flow 4 x 3 x 3 m
  • An oil processing machine 4000 L/h
  • Equipment control and appropriate measuring
  • Means to investigate performance
  • Expertise and accurate diagnosis and structured
  • Proposal for your needs: Availability 7/7 days
  • Recognition and loyalty of our customers.
  • Proven track.