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Détails de l'emploi

(655) Workshop Supervisor

• Able to assess valve components and its operator.
• Ensure schedules are maintained and work proceeds according to
• plans, specifications and cost estimates.
• Provide technical support, expertise, leadership and accountability.
• First point of contact for the technicians when they are working offshore and onshore.
• Technical support assistance to the technicians.
• Look after the day to day concerns of the technicians.
• Track Holiday entitlement and authorise holiday requests for the workshop.
• Discipline in the workshop, onshore and offshore.
• Complete material request forms for all materials used in the valve work shop and machine shop.
• Allocate technicians with requisite skills and abilities to meet individual project requirements offshore and onshore.
• Raise routine work orders for offshore and onshore work.
• Issue work to the workshop and track its progress.
• Check all valve/actuator/gearbox strip reports before they go for quoting.
• Witness all valves and actuators being tested or allocate to other competent technician.
• Write or review and check all service reports for all valves before they leave Denholm Yam (Valvecare Division).
• Quote manufacturing times for all machining jobs.
• Shipping, labour plans, job site walks when required.
• Health and safety in the workshop.
• Able to compile strip down and overhaul reports.
• Able to carry out pressure tests (unsupervised)
• Able to use company test equipment (unsupervised).
• To work unsupervised on/offshore and overseas at short notice.
• Supervise team of Valve techs and manage work-scope offshore/on-site and internationally
• Able to service and repair on any required valve (unsupervised).
• Competent to strip, assess and assemble all types of valves including Ball, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Gate, Control, Parallel slide and Plug valves.
• Ability to lead team.
• Offshore and onshore service engineer.
• Safety Leadership.
• Perform detailed reports to management if required.
• Provide on-site co-ordination of our staff and sub-contractors where applicable.
• Strip, assess and assemble all types of actuators and gearboxes.
• Use the company approved grease injection equipment and sealant products.
• Use torqueing equipment.
• Perform full test (hydro and gas) as per the relevant standard test procedure.
• Fully competent to service, repair, test and certify PSV’s
• Use basic measuring capability.
• Use basic machining capability.
• Work safely and adhere to company safety policies and standards.
Identify training requirements during the PDR process with his/her Line Manager.
• Plus other duties as may be reasonably required by Management or Senior Management of the Company. You should be aware that you may be called upon, from time to time, to act in a capacity outside your normal duties e.g. in case of absence, sickness or holidays of other members of staff.
Desired Candidate Profile

• Must have a sound Valve Knowledge, must holds a minimum of ten (10) years of experience of working in a valve service and or valve manufacturing environment.
• Good knowledge and understanding of all types of valves and actuator systems.
Previous track record within the pipeline, process, safety and control valve industry
• Demonstrate problem solving and analytical capability.
• Understanding of pressure and ability to service valves in a production environment.
• Fully familiar with NBIC, BS, ANSI, API and ASME codes and their applications for all testing, measuring and applicable requirements.
• Basic understanding P&IDs, ability to read and interpret maintenance, repair manuals for use in troubleshooting and repairing mechanical assemblies.
• Hold a Offshore Survival and Medical certificates
• On-site and offshore supervisor to manage other members of DYVD, control and interface in all aspects of work-scope.
• Qualified in the ability to repair and recertify Pressure Gauges
• Ability to organize and prioritize workload to maximize efficiency.
• Additional mechanical skills including but not limited to machining.
• Strong analytical skills with the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems.
• Willing to train in skills to other Valve Technicians.
• Certificate holder for safe operation of forklift.
• Generate service reports and communicate within the company.
• Excellent communicator to gain the confidence of customers and staff alike.
• Physically fit and capable of working extended working hours as dictated by urgent client requirements.
• Must be prepared to work short term or rotational assignments in other geographical areas within the region.
• Train others to be able to carry out a complete overhaul of different valves, actuators and gearboxes, unsupervised.
• To carry out complicated machining parts and equipment as per drawings unsupervised (If applicable).
• To carry out online maintenance (Sealweld)
• To complete valve testing as per required specification.
• Supervising Engineering and Valve Techs Activities.
• Responsible for day to day running of workshop efficiently.
• Responsible for meeting allocated time to job.
• Responsible to meet achievable deadlines.
• Responsible to communicate with customer on technical issues.


Date De Début : 12/05/2015

Statut : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Pétrole
Émirats arabes unis
Abu dhabi
Niveau d'enseignement
Professional Type
Compétences demandees
Valves including Ball Globe Check Butterfly Gate Control Parallel slide and Plug valves/ NBIC BS ANSI API and ASME codes and their applications