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Détails de l'emploi

(2181) CRAFT TRAINING MANAGER posted by All jobs by Orion Group


Job Summary

The Craft Training Manager shall be responsible to direct, lead and manage the Craft Training Business of RMS. He should be able to develop a team
Rotation: 90 Days x 15 Days or as Resident for Expats
Job description

Manage apprentice programs: Ironworker, Pipefitter, Welder and Crane Operator
Train, coach and mentor Craft Training Mentors
Partner with Site and Safety managers to plan and execute project site training
Manage and evaluate all full and part time craft instructors
Instruct apprentices using the curriculum
Instruct and certify new instructors and proctors
Manage assessment administration
Develop all tools used for the instruction of apprentices
Create and manage the Craft Training department budget
Research and provide outside training opportunities for craft, safety and training employees
Partner with recruiting team on Community Outreach
Supervise Record Keeping for all employee training
Apply for and manage training grants
Plans and uses resources efficiently, aligning training goals with budget allocation
Personal Specification

Committed to SafetyPartners with Safety leadership to train safety management and provide safety training for the field
Proactively inquires and schedules required safety training for new projects
Collaborates with Safety leadership on ways to communicate lessons learned as a result of incident reviews and other safety data.
We Over MeUnderstands that craft training is a service department and that our customers are LPR employees. Providing excellent customer service is a priority.
Provides leadership that represents the LPR vision.
Competitive SpiritUrgent and driven to create and execute a cutting-edge craft training program.
Exhibits a ‘can-do’ attitude and promotes a ‘win-win’ training culture
Do What You SayCommitment to leading a team this is responsive and follows through.
Commitment to managing a program that focuses on accurate training records.
Be Part of the Solution
Demonstrates a deep understanding of craft training needs at the field level and provides solution oriented suggestions for training challenges.
Driven to Learn and Share Knowledge
Provides leadership that promotes a learning culture for all crafts.
Committed to personal professional development and the development of the team
Initiates new programs and ideas that support core values, vision and direction of LPR.
Mid-Senior level
Leading the Business & responsible for P&L.


Date De Début : 02/10/2017

Statut : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Pétrole
Niveau d'enseignement
Diplome Universitaire de technologie/ingenierie
Professional Type
Compétences demandees
Committed to SafetyPartners with Safety leadership to train safety management and provide safety training for the field