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Détails de l'emploi

(1885) Security / Road Safety Coordinator posted by All jobs by Petrofac

Scope of responsibilities

Provide security leadership and advice within the project that is effective and in support of both Petrofac and project objectives;
Be a Technical Authority within the project for security and road safety, ensuring Business Unit and Petrofac Security requirements are widely and consistently understood and implemented;
Contribute to regular, reliable reports for monitoring security performance and data/intelligence to inform management decisions;
Identify and promote opportunities for security performance improvement within the project and across the business unit.
Primary duties: a) Key objectives

To ensure the effective protection of Petrofac personnel and assets on the project from all identified threat sources;
To remain familiar with the current threat levels for the project and ensure that risk treatment measures remain appropriate.
Primary duties: b) Responsibilities

Contribute toward the effective implementation of the Project Security Management Plan for the duration of the project based on Petrofac and customer policies, standards and guidelines;
Provide recommendations to project and security management on physical, technical, static and mobile security measures required to maintain security risk at a level that is ALARP;
Contribute toward project threat and vulnerability assessments, and risk analyses, and maintain the project security risk register current with the prevailing security environment;
Support and implement the security led evacuation planning for the project including regular practice drills and exercises, and the maintenance of all materials and equipment, and call off arrangements required to implement and effective evacuation;
Ensure that all project personnel are aware of all security procedures relevant to the execution of their duties;
Maintain a day-to-day working relationship with project and security management and be accountable to the Project Security Manager for all security matters;
Keep project and security management advised of project level security developments as and when they arise, producing regular monthly security reports for project management and Group Security;
Maintain a high level of awareness of the security environment for the project location, country and region, including socio-political, cultural, ethnic, religious and other security relevant aspects;
Contribute toward project related journey management requirements ensuring compliance with project and Group security requirements;
Where required engage with the local security apparatus and community leaders and maintain strong relations with them;
Maintain effective communications with third party security providers to ensure that all expectations and professional standards for static and mobile security are met and maintained;
Be fully conversant with all customer, Petrofac and project security policies, standards and procedures and ensure that they are implemented and strictly enforced;
Participate in the investigation into all security related incidents, analysing the root causes, implementing corrective and preventive actions;
Contribute towards the implementation of a project security training programme for both security and non-security personnel;
Liaise with security managers from other organizations working in the project area to share information and maintain up to date information regarding potential risks to project personnel, equipment and materials.
Minimum requirement

Qualifications/Experience: Relevant security degree, 5 years’ experience in security/road safety management (including military/law enforcement service);

Or if qualified by experience: 10 years’ experience in security/road safety management (including military/law enforcement service).


Date De Début : 26/09/2016

Statut : Waiting

Arabie Saoudite
Saudi Arabia
Niveau d'enseignement
Diplome Universitaire de technologie/ingenierie
Professional Type
Compétences demandees
Qualifications/Experience: Relevant security degree, 5 years’ experience in security/road safety management (including military/law enforcement service);