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Détails de l'emploi

(1100) Opening For Senior Operator

Monitoring production facilities and provides work direction to General Operators, Field Operators - I, Field Operators - II and Field Operators - III. Participates in operating all production facilities to desired output levels. Assumes responsibility for assigned area in the event of an emergency and in the absence of supervisor. He is directed by the Area Supervisor. Will work on standby duty on a rotational basis. The Senior Operator is expected to work as directed in any of the plant area covered by the Production Department. These areas are:

1. Khatiyah, Fahahil and Jaleha Oil & DegassingStations.
2. Fahahil Stripping Plant.
3. Secondary Recovery - Powered Water Injection, Wellhead Maintenance.
4. Gas Lift Compressor Station.

The Senior Operator is required to work on shifts depending on the area to which he is assigned
Principal Accountabilities

1. Sanctions Hot and Cold Work Permits including those for gas tests, and oversees engineering work on site. Includes receiving permit from supervisor, checking that required precautions have been taken, signing permit authorization, and carries out gas tests as necessary.Registersdetails of permits and overseescontractor or other person performing the work. Monitors work in progress, checks that personal protective equipment (PPE)is worn as required, and initials work orders upon satisfactory completion.

2. Checks gas gathering units, scrubbers, knock out pots, flow, levels, pressures, temperatures and differential pressure (DP). Checks the computer relay for anti-surge system. Includes checking turbine panels, making required adjustments, checking compressorsi.e. seal oil, lube oil, cooling water system and knock out drums, checking abnormal noise or vibration in fin fan unit and surrounding areas, draining DP cells and checking generally for leaks.

3. Check the DCSpanel, speed tronic panel, UPSsystems, auxiliary equipment panel and MCC (Motor Control Centre) Panel boards to determine all equipments and systems are operating as per the operating parameters. Make sure all routine check lists, process and equipment parameter reading sheets are completed and necessary actions are taken. Guide and assist the panel operator on DCS panel in emergency, shutdown/start-up situation. At situation of emergency shutdowns, gas clouds (leaks), fire etc. takes a lead role to guide and help the General Operator & Field Operator and take necessaryactions. Monitor and maintain a continuous check on various plant parameters for quality of products.


Date De Début : 29/09/2015

Statut : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Pétrole
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Senior Operator Operator