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Job Details

(824) Crane Operator

Job Description
Principal Accountabilities:

a. To operate in a safe manner all the different types of Pedestal Cranes, Gantry Cranes
Mono Rail Cranes, Mape Cranes for the off-loading and back-loading of all types of cargo
from and to the supply and work boats.
b. To operate all types of cranes. air operated winches, manual lifting devises such as
(chain blocks, tirfor pulling machines, chain hoists, ratchet lever type pull-lifts) in order to
assist in case of mechanical breakdowns, shut down and planned maintenance work
within Zakum field requirements.
c. Know the necessary knowledge of main parts of offshore cranes, daily maintenance
routine checks on cranes and report any abnormality to Lifting Equipment Senior
d. Assist crane maintenance team in performing systematic operational checks, inspection
and maintenance when required.
e. Be well versatile with safety procedures, know safety aspects and accident potentials
related to operation with offshore cranes, lifting and rigging procedures, risk assessments
when operating any type of cranes.
f. Know the different types of pre-jobs and 'toolbox meeting' methods, know the rules and
regulations that apply to safety aspects regarding offshore crane operations and how to
protect people against accidents. To fully understand and act accordingly to International
hand signals and capable of using radio headsets.
g. Fully averse with handling hazardous goods, understanding of dynamic forces.
h. Fully conversant with Pedestal Cranes ASLI, Boom and Radius load indicator charts.
i. Check the manifest with rigger prior to starting lifting operations. ensure the final and
overall safety of the working environment, instruct rigger directly ready to start lifting
j . Involved with controlling of critical emergency situations. Reporting incidents.
k. Carry out routine daily checks, the daily maintenance on the crane and to update the daily
check list, daily checks of the safety equipment kept on the crane and to carry out
housekeeping inside the operator's cabin and inside the machinery compartment.


Start Date : 21/06/2015

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Abu dhabi
Education Level
Professional Type
Required Skills
Certification to operate cranes up to 30 tons: Pedestal Crane, Gantry Crane, Mono Rail Crane, Mape Crane, Boom, Radius.