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Job Details

(781) Satah & Gas Export Supervisor

Job purpose & Scope:
Control and supervise the assigned shift teams operators, senior operators and senior panel operators covering Satah oil, gas export and gas injection process plant. Ensure production targets are met and that the plant run smoothly, efficiently, economically and safely.

Principal Accountabilities:
1.Supervise the operation of the complete Satah oil, gas, gas export and injection process plant and its utilities in accordance with approved production programme/procedure and written or verbal instructions from his superiors. Ensure all corporate defined KPIs are met.
2.Diagnose the plant and equipment problems, put it up to concerned maintenance section, prepare for the safe maintenance, follow-up of maintenance activity & safe re-commissioning of the equipment.
3.Co-chairs the daily coordination meeting of Production/Maintenance supervisors for reviewing the maintenance activities and identifying priority jobs.
4.Ensure personnel/U.A.E. nationals are trained to a level sufficient for them to satisfactorily conduct their duties and impart training whenever required.
5.Take necessary measures within standing orders to deal with planned and unforeseen plant operating fluctuations and keep personnel concerned with the process or other services informed of changes, seeking advice on the need for such changes as necessary.
6.Establish work programs and objectives for the subordinates and supervise them in the achievement of these; appraise performance of subordinates against agreed targets.
7.Keep informed on a continuing basis of the results of quality control tests carried out by the laboratory team during his shift, and take remedial action immediately in anomalies reported.
8.React to emergency situations when they occur, assess the situation, declare emergency, take corrective actions, shut down the plant partially or totally and coordinates fire-fighting actions with fire team. Restart the plant safely after the incident is under control and prepare a detailed report.
9.Ensure that all production procedures, safety and environment regulations are followed, and recommend modifications and improvements as necessary.
10.Maintain plant in good working condition, including standby equipment. Initiate work request to various Maintenance departments giving priority of jobs to be performed, coordinate with all departments in daily meeting and plan for next days jobs. Clear work request after satisfactory job completion.
11.Authorize, by passing of safety locking device for any abnormal condition arising to keep plant running after ensuring safety of the equipment and other remedial actions.
12.Approve cold/hot work permits and complimentary permits for works to be performed. Ensure that all necessary procedures and standing orders are followed while the equipment is made ready for safe maintenance intervention.
13.Follow up plant performance review studies and initiating plant modifications.
14.For the new projects being implemented, monitor construction & commissioning activities and ensure that these activities are carried out in accordance with the work permits issued.
15.Review specific logic checks and performance test of equipment new or exiting, analyze data and take corrective action.
16.Chemical activities: ensure the replacement of stocks of consumables.
17.Exercise supervision of contracted personnel engaged to keep plant areas clean and tidy.
18. Check the logbooks of Senior Panel and Senior Operators and compile own summary of main events, operating conditions, end of shift plant status and instructions of work to be carried out. Include calculating overall production balances and main figures related to oil and gas processing, storage, loading and quality control.
19. Assess the situation and prepare property damage report and injury report when there is accident and injury to the individual.
20. Ensure timely changeover of standby equipment and implementation of first line maintenance by ZR-PRD team.
21. Carry out the job function in accordance with HSE commitment and policy to achieve strategic objectives and targets stipulated in ZADCO HSE management system document.
Desired Candidate Profile

1.B.Sc. in Petroleum or Chemical Engineering in addition to 10 years of production experience in a petroleum field and /or petrochemical plant including 2 years of supervisory experience.
2.Very good knowledge of English.


Start Date : 11/06/2015

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Zirku Island
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Satah & Gas Export Supervisor