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Job Details

(579) Senior Production Chemist in Malaysia

Position Title : Executive (Production Chemistry)
Grade : A3
Skill Group : Petroleum Engineering
Location : Region (Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak)


Job Description

Special Aspect/Major Chal :
• Optimizing overall chemical treatment effectiveness to achieve
and maintain process facilities efficiency.
• Overcoming inter PSCs chemical incompatibility issue.
• Overcoming production contaminant from upstream facilities
operated by other PSC.
• More stringent environmental statutory requirement being imposed.

Job Accountabilities :

1 Fluid Chemistry
Populate oil, gas, and water properties to determine produced fluids
chemistry through specialized sampling and testing procedure, applicable
for every element of 6 production dimensions (i.e. phase diagrams (PVT)
development, well/reservoir performance optimization, production fluid
quality specification etc.) in the safest manner to maximize the
production volume.

2 Fluid Treatment
Identify and evaluate the required chemicals and/or mechanical treatment
programs for injection, produced and sales fluids monitoring and
treatment to accomplish fluid quality specifications and to minimize
impact on formation damage and production facilities while optimizing
unit treatment cost, and meeting sales quality specifications.

3 Scale Management
Predict organic and inorganic scale formation by prescribing appropriate
chemical and/or mechanical treatments to prevent or mitigate scale
precipitation in flow conduits, surface facilities, and pipelines to
sustain field productivity.

4 Emulsion Management
Manage and monitor the emulsion management by identifying types of
emulsion and emulsification process, and recommend emulsion monitoring
and prevention treatment to ensure optimum production performance and
management of storage ullage.

5 Corrosion Management
Manage and monitor the corrosion management by identifying corrosion
mechanism and monitoring program based on fluid characteristics in order
to prevent internal corrosion in surface facilities and pipelines so as
to maintain production facilities Integrity.

6 Sand Management
Manage and monitor the sand management through sampling, analysis and
monitoring of sand production in order to safeguard well integrity and
productivity to achieve the production target.

7 Acid Matrix Stimulation Program
Monitor and evaluate acid matrix stimulation program by participating in
the selection of appropriate acidizing treatment candidates and
proposing matrix stimulation program to restore or increase production
or injection in order to enhance production fluid system/quality.

8 Networking and Relationship Building
Foster and sustain effective working relationships and rapport with the
government authorities, business and management institutions, national
and key industry players and service providers in order to keep abreast
with latest development in the relevant markets and capitalise on
insider status to capture opportunities for seamless interfacing in
developing and implementing new business ventures and enhance public
confidence in company products and services.

9 Adopt the objectives and provisions of the Health, Safety and
Environment (HSE) policies and Codes of Conduct and Discipline (COCD)and
facilitate mitigation and/or intervention programmes to safeguard
business operations, high staff discipline and industrial harmony.

10 Leadership and Capability Development
Enhance own competencies and contribute to the development of the
working team through coaching, mentoring, feedback and internal
successions to ensure internalisation of the right leadership and
capabilities in executing the job.

11 Mindset, Behaviour and Culture
Implement value interventions, tools and methodologies in collaboration
with the working team to promote and instill high sense of commitment,
ownership, integrity and loyalty that will contribute to operational


• Degree in Petroleum Engineering or Chemical
Engineering/Chemistry/Applied Science or equivalent.
• 10 years of working experience in upstream operations is an
added advantage
• Decision making
• Relationship building & networking
• Communication
• Understanding of E&P Business and possess technical awareness in
operations is an added advantage.


Start Date : 25/04/2015

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Kuala Lampur - Malaysia
Education Level
Professional Type
Required Skills
Field Chemist Offshore Chemist Lab Chemist Production Chemist