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Job Details

(2501) Motorhand (USC)

Job Details
Job Summary

The Motorhand, under the direction of the Driller, is responsible for ongoing maintenance of mechanical systems on the rig.

Specific Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Works in a safe, healthy and environmentally protective manner
Assists to install and services all rig motors, rotary drives, air compressors and forklifts
Assists to install and maintains all service lines, e.g. air, fuel hydraulic, steam
Maintains a sufficient supply of water, calling water hauler or starting water wells when necessary
Operates hoists and air winch
Maintains and services boiler when one is operating on lease, under the direction of the Driller
Measures and checks all tubular goods before they are used in a string
Maintains and checks all safety equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers
Maintains and checks all BOP lines and equipment
Maintains adequate supply of fuel and rope, soap and dope and other supplies
Assists Driller in operations and maintenance of draw works and equipment, e.g. indicator, automatic Driller
Performs general housekeeping and maintenance
Assists Driller and Derrickhand in supervising Floorhands and establishing good work practices and correcting unsafe practices
Reports and corrects any unsafe work practices and safety hazards
Informs relief, at shift change, of both routine and unusual information regarding the job
Participates in all safety programs, processes and requirements
Attends Operations Training up to two times per year and up to five days per training at designated locations
Performs other duties as directed by management


This employee must:

Be at least 18 years of age
Pass a post-offer physical examination, fitness testing, safety aptitude test, drug tests & background check
Provide proof of and maintain proper legal authorization to work in the United States
Arrange for reliable transportation to and from work and training locations
Speak and read English well enough to understand verbal and written safety postings, alerts and announcements, communicate with co-workers and be able to participate in job safety analysis meetings

Technical Competencies

Knows the proper oils, oil levels and service schedules, e.g. motors, rotary table
Understands & follows the proper maintenance procedure, including appropriate chemicals for boiler when in use
Strives to understand role fully in the event of a kick or blow out, including calculating maximum casing allowance back pressure
Understands the duties & responsibilities of a Floorhand and has sufficient knowledge to assist in training them
Develops and exhibits competency of all Motorhand “Global Skills”

Behavioral Competencies

Works in a manner that insures personal safety and the safety of fellow employees
Maintains a professional, effective, and polite relationship with other Ensign employees and suppliers
Strives continuously to develop a greater knowledge of the total drilling operation, including the duties and responsibilities of a Derrickhand
Works well as a team player and demonstrates willingness to share knowledge to advance knowledge and skills of others
Focuses on the job at hand to perform in a safe manner for self, other members of the crew and third parties
Serves as mentor and takes opportunities to do on-the-job training of less experienced crew members
Gets along well with all crew members, seeking resolution versus conflict while developing leadership skills
Respects chain of command and follows through on instructions

Education and Experience

Generally one - two years as a Floorhand, which may be waived by Rig Manager and/or Driller based on prior experience knowledge and performance
High School diploma or GED is preferred


Start Date : 24/04/2021

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
United States
Ensign Energy Services Bakersfield, CA
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Scheduling Occupational Health And Safety Administration (Osha) Management Occupational Health Job Safety Analysis Maintenance