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Job Details

(2460) OFFSHORE INSTALLATION MANAGER OIM posted by All jobs by WTS Energy



Authority: The OIM is appointed by the Company and acts as its representative in all matters related to safety, the unit, crew, cargo and operation; when appointed he takes the authority and responsibilities as laid down in flag/coastal state regulations and international conventions


OIM has overriding responsibility for safe operation of the unit; OIM should not be constrained by any commercial pressure from any party in decision making with regard to safety of life, assistance as may be necessary.
OIM shall be fully conversant with the Yinson Management System and shall develop, maintain and implement the system on board the unit.
Requests for changes to the system shall be sent HSEQ Department, Oslo for approval and eventual implementation.
In order to ensure the safety of life and health, environment and material values, including the unit, cargo and contractual interests and FPSO operation, OIM shall at all times ensure that:
All required certificates and permits are obtained and valid
The unit is equipped, well maintained and seaworthy in all respects
The personnel is competent and effective organisation on board is safe and suits operational demands, which may include various duties being assigned differently than content of this document, thus making the latter void
The operation is planned and executed with good workmanship and in accordance with approved work procedures
Company Policies and procedures are known, understood and adhered to Emergency response is carried out with due regard to life, environment and property
Management of human resources on board is adequate, with ample consideration to multicultural aspect
Safety is promoted throughout personnel, and necessary training is provided based on general and/or specific needs
Security measures are adequate to environment and operations

The OIM may act as a MM on-board the visiting export tankers as approved by the Company
The OIM shall ensure that the following functions are conducted safely and professionally, in
accordance with approved work procedures:

Deck, machinery and FPSO operations, incl. mooring equipment for visiting export tankers
All cargo, ballast and tank cleaning operations, including export oil documents Proper operation of the production facility
Verification of load condition with respect to hull stresses

Master Mariner STCW95 Reg. II/2 and Flag state endorsement of recognition For other certificates and training, see Company Training Matrix, Unit Specific Training Matrix and CBT Matrix

Meet the requirements for certification as an officer in charge of a navigational watch on
ships of 500 gross tonnage or more and have at least 36 months approved seagoing service in that capacity; however, this period may be reduced to not less than 24 months if not less than 12 months of such seagoing service has been served as chief mate and

Have completed approved education and training and meet the standard of competence specified in section A-II/2 of the STCW Code for masters on ships of 3000 gross tonnage or more.
Must possess the leadership qualities needed to run large, complex organizations.
Excellent command in English written and spoken


Start Date : 24/06/2020

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Master Mariner STCW95 Reg. II/2 and Flag state endorsement of recognition For other certificates and training, see Company Training Matrix, Unit Specific Training Matrix and CBT Matrix