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Job Details

(2384) Contracts Advisor in Aberdeen,


Develop knowledge of company contracts in order to assist with the review, preparation and negotiation of contracts and other agreements in line with company policies and procedures, and the provision of general contractual advice. Administration of the filing and registration of all agreements entered into by the company.


Assisting the Contracts Manager to provide the business with clear, accurate advice on contractual arrangements for prospective contracts as part of the tender process.
Ensuring that contractual arrangements entered into by the company conform to the requirements established in relevant policies and procedures.
Ensuring that all agreements, contract arrangements and other legal documents provided by or to the company are in accordance with company policy and procedural requirements.
Assisting in resolving contractual and legal matters arising during the execution of projects to the best advantage of the Company.
Ensuring all contract documents, agreements and other legal documents are correctly administered, executed, registered and stored in accordance with company procedure.
Maintain and promote a safe working environment and demonstrate correct HSE behaviours and leadership.
Assist in the review of contracts in accordance with company policy and procedure.
Preparation of contractual qualifications.
Assist with the negotiation of contracts.
Obtain approval for entering into contracts in accordance with company policies and procedures.
Assist in the preparation and negotiation of range of other agreements (including Confidentiality Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, Novation Agreements and Assignment Agreements).
Liaison with finance, tax, treasury, tendering and insurance departments as required.
Preparation of applications for bonds and guarantees in accordance with company policies and liaison with Company Secretarial Department or Treasury Department regarding provision of bonds and guarantees as appropriate.
Ensure compliance with all relevant company policies and procedures.
Develop knowledge in order to assist in the provision of general contractual advice and support to projects.
Maintaining a library of standard agreements, contracts and other legal documents within company sharepoint or other systems.
Maintain contract registers, bond & guarantee registers, exclusivity registers in accordance with company practice.
Keeping abreast of current legal issues and practice.
Preparation of project standard conditions for subcontracts.
Preparation of project standard conditions for purchase orders.
Liaison with the company’s insurance department regarding the arrangement of required project specific insurance policies.
Advice on and input to variations and amendments to contract.


Degree in Quantity Surveying, Law, Business Studies or other appropriate discipline


Extensive Oil & Gas Industry experience


Good general commercial, finance or legal experience
Experienced in the use of Microsoft Office, Excel and other IT packages

Good general experience in the review and negotiation of contracts in the oil and gas industry


Ability to multi task and deal with multiple requests for information
Ability to understand technical and contractual information
Ability to communicate with senior management, peers and colleagues
Ability to present to and meet with Clients

General understanding and awareness of contractual and commercial risk
Attention to detail, organisational and administrative skills


Start Date : 24/02/2019

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Good general commercial, finance or legal experience Experienced in the use of Microsoft Office, Excel and other IT packages