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Job Details

(2335) FGP-WPMP Security Ops Superintendent in Atyrau, posted by All jobs by Bolashak-Atyrau LLP

Role: FGP-WPMP Security Ops Superintendent

Company: Bolashak-Atyrau


Be the Leader in safety and environmental performance Contribute to the systematic management of safety, health, environmental, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance which is in support of COMPANY Operational Excellence strategy Participate in Behavior Based Safety program (BBS) Regulation and requirements of acting statutory acts (laws, rules, regulations, instructions, standards and technical requirements) of RoK in activity performed Site Security Ensuring Plan, process and action program in emergency circumstances Strategies and programs on criminal activity prevention Assessment Methodology of risk level, danger and vulnerability Training methods of particular importance facility security Perform a medium term subdivision activity planning Ensure fulfiment of a schedule of task assigned Form a general picture of problematic situation, using system analysis Be able to make competent managerial decisions Take responsibility for decisions made Boost activity of supervisors by means of feedback and trainings Coordinate team (teams) actions, facilitating the cooperation development within and among teams Build constructive interrelationships and have persuasion skills Carry on business negotiations Use varuious styles of leadership Evaluate work upon its contribution to the company strategic targets realization

Job Requirements:

Assist the COMPANY Security Manager to coordinate and manage security support to PROJECT/WPMP on all sites of Project operations and influence on territory of RoK incl. Atyrau region, Mangystau region, Almaty and Astana. Implement the COMPANY Security Management Plan and Facility Security Plans specific to PROJECT/WPMP inclusive of facilities in Tengiz, Atyrau, Aktau and Prorva (CaTro) - in accordance with the COMPANY OE1 Process guidelines. Represent One COMPANY Security organization on PLT level and collaborate with Project and Base Business leaders as directed by COMPANY Security Manager. Be able to provide security advice and guidance for successful security service delivery, ensure coordination, liaison and communication of the One COMPANY Security function with PROJECT/WPMP senior managers, project leaders, facility managers, security advisors and other key stakeholders on all Project levels, in order to meet project objectives. Lead, mentor and develop a security team to protect PROJECT/WPMP personnel from harm and its assets from damage or loss. Assets include physical and real property such as inventories, equipment and operational facilities; and intangible property, such as COMPANYs sensitive and proprietary information. Be responsible to the COMPANY Security Manager and ensure coordination with other SMEs to develop integrated security systems (physical, technical and procedural), which can support access control, badge registration, communication, command and control systems in PROJECT/WPMP operational areas and sites of influence where applicable. Lead, monitor, report and document the performance of reported personnel (contracted security employees) working at PROJECT/WPMP facilities; and coordinate efforts with other leaders within the One COMPANY Security Team to ensure adequate OE1 performance and provide additional awareness and training as required. Be role model in cost discipline. Support and promote compliance with COMPANY Gen Policy 02.00, best security practices, security awareness and vigilance of all personnel working at PROJECT/WPMP facilities directly and through assigned personnel on various Project levels of leadership; provide orientation and training. Assist the COMPANY Security Manager to develop security vulnerability assessments, statements of operational requirements, security-related evacuation, contingency and crisis management plans and other OE1 deliverables pertaining to PROJECT/WPMP facilities in RoK.



Rotation: 28 x 28 (11 hours)


Start Date : 15/11/2018

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills