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Job Details

(2192) Warehouse Supervisor posted by All job By Sasref

Warehouse Supervisor

Job Description

To oversee the work flow in all warehouses including receiving, storing, managing fleet and distribution of goods, in addition to overseeing the different warehousing processes and operations to ensure compliance with SASREF policies and procedures


1. Produce regular warehouses reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
2. Supervise the monthly Stock Taking procedure and cycle counts for all warehouses
3. Report slow moving items and following up on them with the Material Management Manager
4. Develop and implementing of all security and safety systems control procedures for warehouse operations
5. Planning, directing, and maintaining an efficient warehouse operation and assigns, inspects, and evaluates the work performance of personnel assigned to the warehouse
6. Plan future capacity requirements for the company’s warehouses
7. Maintaining standards of health and safety, hygiene and security in the work environment, for example, ensuring that stock such as chemicals and food are stored safely
8. Ensure the business processes and work activities, relevant to position, are executed in compliance with SASREF policy, procedures and best practice to achieve the business objectives in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.
9. Lead, motivate, develop and assess the assigned team to achieve business objectives and grow capability.
10. Safety:
Workplace (WPS) and Process (PSM) Safety, Within the position holder’s area of responsibility:
 Ensure that the safety & well-being of employees, contractors, and others are always the first consideration in decisions on cost, production, quality and productivity.
 Enforce operational discipline by ensuring all workplace and process safety procedures and practices are understood and implemented in order to avoid potential WPS and PSM incidents occurring.
 Apply the Sasref HSE Policy; the 5 Safety Principles, and enforce the 12 Golden Safety Rules.
Performance Indicators:
All relevant leading and lagging HSE KPIs Within the position holder’s area of responsibility as identified in:
 The Sasref HSE Business Plan
 Area SPIRIT Plans
 Site and Area HSE Dashboards


Three years diploma or equivalent


Start Date : 22/10/2017

Status : Waiting

Courier / Logistics / Transportation / Warehousing
Saudi Arabia
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Education Level
Professional Type
Required Skills
Three years diploma or equivalent