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Job Details

(2158) Well Head Specialist posted by All jobs by Orion Group

Position Title Well Head Specialist
Function Drilling & Wells
Country UK
City Aberdeen
Functional line
Reports to Drilling Superintendent Well Engineering Manager
Direct reports NONE
Position summary
To oversee the specification and delivery of all the wellhead and tree equipment within the Drilling and Wells organisation.
Advisor for all wellhead related engineering and operations matters. Involved in entire wellhead engineering and procurement process
Main duties & responsibilities
Technical lead for wellhead, tree and conductor supply contracts.
Provide technical Work Scope for wellhead and tree tenders and participate in evaluation work providing final technical recommendations.
Review and provide technical specifications and manufacturing/testing standards for wellhead, tree and conductor pipe in consultation with Well Operations Engineers, Production Technologist, etc.
Support well costings as required through consultation with Well Operations Engineers.
Oversee the installation, orientation and testing of the wellhead and tree equipment on location.
Provides support to the Rig Supervisor during well operations involving the wellhead/tree activities.
Owner of the interface with production operations and equipment supplier.
Obtain and provide Well Operations Engineers with up-to-date procedures, drawings and specifications of wellhead and tree equipment.
Ensuring the equipment providers have a robust QCP and QA/QC policy that is delivered against and are in compliance with latest industry standards and codes.
Participate in audits and inspections with wellhead and tree in collaboration with the QAQC Engineer.
Compiles the tree documentation which forms part of the well handover.
Ensure company’s internal standards and codes are periodically reviewed and updated in accordance with industry changes and requirements.
Maintain and provide accurate track record of all the parts and elements of tree/wellhead system utilized, changed and serviced ensuring correct information is displayed in handover package.
Responsible for managing the agreed relationships with the equipment provider.
Involved in setting the KPIs with the Contract Owner and C&P specialist.
Responsible for overseeing the delivery of their allocated contracts, working in liaison with the logistics co-ordinators to ensure timely equipment delivery.
Liaise with drilling engineers about wellhead specifications
Provide technical specification for tendering process in line with relevant WOR’s
Responsible for technical tender evaluation
Involved in procurement strategy for wellhead’s
Liaise with wellhead providers to ensure operational preparedness (rental tools etc.)
Maintain up to date on new wellhead technology
Perform QA/QC audits on wellhead providers
Contribute to completions program
Assist in wellhead/tree installation as required


Start Date : 07/09/2017

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Technical lead for wellhead, tree and conductor supply contracts.