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Job Details

(2131) Team Leader Corrosion & Materials posted by All jobs by Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est

Job Title: Team Leader Corrosion & Materials

Division: Integrity & Quality

Department: Corrosion & Inspection

Section: Corrosion & Materials

Location: Work leave cycle 5/2 Das Island based - Contract Hire

Reports to: Manager of Corrosion & Inspection


purpose and Scope:

Direct, manage and peer review the activities of corrosion & materials section team activities.

Prepare and coordinate the management and implementation of the Corrosion Control Strategy covering the corrosion monitoring activities including periodic reporting to provide integrity status of systems and significant trends or limitations for LNG & ASR plants.

Coordinate Risk Based Inspection implementation and update, in order to establish/review inspection strategies for LNG & ASR plants.



The Job has a direct impact on the Departmental Operating budget of approx. US$ 3 million and CAPEX of

US$ 2 million.

Supervises :

- 2/ Lead Corrosion & Materials Engineers with Corrosion & materials Engineer.

- Senior RBI Engineer

- Welding Engineer

- 2/Painting & Insulation Inspector


Main Duties and Accountabilities;

a) Plans and supervises the activities of the assigned personnel in the Corrosion and Materials engineering section. Performs supervisory function at the level established by the Management.

b) Directs and supervises the work of a team consisting of Corrosion & Materials Engineers, Corrosion Supervisors, Painting Inspectors and technicians involved in all aspects of corrosion control and monitoring of plant and equipment on LNG & ASR plants, ensuring quality and application of best practices. This includes:-

1. Gathering corrosion data for plants on sour service

2. Liaising with Plant Inspection Engineers and Painting Inspectors on failure and damage of equipment and piping and on atmospheric corrosion in relation to assessing new technologies with respect to coatings, insulation and linings.

3. Supervise inspection and maintenance of corrosion monitoring equipment sited throughout LNG

& ASR plant, in conjunction with the Maintenance department.

4. Analysis of corrosion data- including chemical analysis reports from Laboratory.

5. Gathering of cathodic protection data for all LNG & ASR trains, tank farm and off-plot areas.

6. Analysis of CP data to ensure optimum protection (i.e. acceptable level of corrosion consistent with equipment design life expectancy) is achieved on all assets which will include: product loading jetty, sulphur loading jetty, tank farm, flare jetty, plant flare jetty, sea wall sheet piling, tank farm foundation piling, sea water intake in trains, 2 and 3, underground cooling water piping network and concrete foundations at trains 1, 2 and 3 and fire water lines within LNG & ASR plants.

c) Maintain regular review of Corrosion Control key performance indicators.

d) Direct activities to support or assist in confirming monitoring data or as the result of failures of equipment or trending predictions.

lob Title: Team Leader Corrosion & Materials

e) Coordinates RBI assessment programs and liaise with the concerned engineers accordingly, especially with Process in order to properly identify deterioration mechanisms, corrosion circuits and establish proper investigation/Inspection policies and actions.

f) Ensure conducting metallurgical investigations on equipment failure, which will include process pressure vessels and piping and its ancillaries, fired heaters, rotating machinery components in coordination with Senior Engineers, as well as, on an occasional basis with Shareholder's material engineering specialists.

Produces reports on metallurgical failure investigation giving practical recommendations/solutions to

Prevent similar future failures.

g) Provides technical advices to Plant Management on aspects of material performance, specification and selection, with view to constantly improving equipment reliability through best material selection consistent with fitness for purpose and low cost policy, including the areas of painting, insulation and refractories.

h) Provides advices to departments concerned on aspects of welding fabrication and consumable selections.

Develops and qualifies new welding procedures and reviews quality assurance and quality control documents for new equipment fabrication and major projects.

i) Conducts analysis/studies on material identification, as required, for Plant Maintenance & Engineering, Procurement and other Divisions and advises on alternative suitable materials to be selected to fulfill required duty, in the absence of the available material. Reviews material specifications for plant modification or new construction.

j) Develops corrosion and cathodic protection (CP) policies for the control and monitoring of assets such as pressure vessels, process piping, CP systems of underground cooling water pipes, concrete structures, submerged structures and corrosion inhibitors selection and determination of suitable injection points and injection rates.

k) Participates in preparation for CP projects or Modifications of existing CP system.

I) Coordinate implementation of corrosion prevention measures in areas of Cathodic Protection, Corrosion

Chemical Inhibition, Materials Selection and Painting Systems, as well as Insulation Systems.

m) Review and establish major deterioration threats and ensure integrity limitations are addressed and propose suitable mitigation techniques.

n) Coordinate and interpret corrosion/inspection monitoring data in database, along with trends and existing mitigation measures. Recommend changes in the corrosion criticality analysis and monitoring/inspection program where appropriate. Ensure all relevant data is entered into the database.

o) Coordinate Root Cause Analysis and failure investigations.

p) Directly involved in FFS for static equipment within LNG & ASR plants.

q) Supervises and advises during the execution/installation and commissioning of CP system and liaises with Overhaul & Planning Department for preparation of materials needed for the shutdown. Checks/tests plants material integrity, carries out metallurgical investigations and replications, material identification and makes recommendations and suggestions of alternative materials during shutdown and overhaul.

r) Ensures that safe operating and maintenance procedures with regard to metallurgical aspects are followed and counsels employees about compliance with safe working procedures as necessary.

s) Directs/supervise CP aspects of CP improvement projects on CP rectification and review/scrutinize QA/QC

Plans submitted by contractors.

t) Provides opportunities for training and development of employees in the section (with emphasis on UAE Nationals) and assesses their progress, including on the job training, and proper work delegation

u) Performs the role and bears the responsibilities assigned to his position according to provisions of HSEMS manual.

v) Performs other similar or related duties as assigned, such as preparing introductory courses on Cathodic Production Metallurgical failures analysis, preparing periodical and annual report on corrosion, CP and the effectiveness of different methods to control them on the LNG & ASR Plants.

w) Participates in task force teams if required and contribute to solving issues under investigation/study

x) Supports the 5-year planning and budget cycle preparation by highlighting integrity threats and assessment needs according to major equipment and structures conditions and endorsement such as for Tanks, LNG and Sulphur Jetties, Plant 27, Cooling Water System, Fire Water System,
y) Prepare budget for MC&I regarding materials I CP consumables/Corrosion control materials for incorporation in C&ID operating budget or as C&MR where To run the metallurgical Laboratory and to maintain, upgrade and introduce new technologies that will benefit the quality of the work.
z) Assesses and advises MC&I the need for the services of specialist contractors and the capability of potential contractors to satisfy corrosion & inspection
aa) Contributes to the Design, Technical and Operational Integrity processes of AIRMS and exhibits appropriate level of knowledge and
4. Work Contacts
Has a frequent contact up to Departmental Manager level in the Operations, Engineering and Maintenance

Divisions related to Corrosion & Materials issues. Has an occasional contact with Plant Management.

Has an occasional contact with representative of materials engineering consultants, contractors, suppliers and



5. Reports to Manager of Corrosion &
Works independently and innovatively on technical matters within the guidelines of policies procedures and professional engineering standards.

Completed work is subject to Management review.

Physical Effort:
Moderate, with 20% of his working time walking and

Climbing while carrying out field survey of

CP/Corrosion/Materials investigation.

Minimum Requirements and competencies:

7. Work Environment
Periodical exposure to Plant conditions during visits to LNG& ASR Plants to investigate equipment failure and CP and corrosion monitoring problems for about

20% of his working time.

8.a) Bachelors' degree in Metallurgy/Materials Engineering/Chemical

b) 12 years' experience in corrosion & metallurgical analysis, in the Oil and Gas Industry with good working knowledge of gas production, out of which at least 5 years' experience in a similar senior
c) Demonstrated experience in carrying out metallurgical investigations in CP equipment failure, potential survey of CP system and field application of internal corrosion control & plant and equipment
d) Working knowledge of paint application and control and knowledge of metallographic
Computer knowledge preferably to be acquainted with SAP system. e) Strong analytical and problem solving ability.

f) Good communication and presentation skills


Start Date : 23/05/2017

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Das Island
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
) Bachelors' degree in Metallurgy/Materials Engineering/Chemical