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Job Details

(2109) Mechanical Engineer posted by All jobs by Naurex Group


Location: Paris (France) or Yokohama (Japan) for 3 years – then South Korea for 18 months and then Mozambique for 1 year
Status: Resident
Duration: 5.5 years
Starting Date: Mid-May 2017
Languages: English. French is a plus.
Job Dimension


The Mechanical Engineer reports to the JV Operations & Maintenance Manager / Training Manager.

The position shall ensure mechanical maintenance integrity is input into design will add value to meet operational requirements, in accordance with Class, project specifications, codes and standards and Mozambique regulations. Due to the robust review expected from COMPANY O&M personnel, the role requires extensive technical understanding and design experience (i.e. 15+ years) of the maintenance, access, transportation and mechanical handling aspects for offshores facilities, preferably FLNG / FPSO. The role will be the key O&M representative for defending project design and preventing design changes, that are not in accordance with project specifications, codes and standards. The role requires someone who is a team player, but is able to work independently to achieve project deliverables.

Demonstrated mechanical engineering experience and full understanding, is required in the areas of:

· Project studies, workshops and reviews;

· Mechanical engineering practices, codes and standards;

· Project BoD, PEP, codes and standards;

· Design drawings and documents, equipment specifications/data sheets and materials;

· FAT / SAT experience;

· Safe Systems of Work (Permit to Work);

· Offshore logistics and on-board handling;

· Offshore pedestal / knuckle boom cranes installation, preservation, maintenance and repair;

· Electro / Hydraulic systems;

· Offshore Operability and Maintainability design requirements;

· Packaged equipment installation, preservation and maintenance;

· Class requirements related to maintenance and inspection;

· LNG / Marine offloading arms;

· LNG pumps installation, retrieval and transportation;

· Engineering field support;

· Corrosion management and preservation management requirements;

· Offshore spare parts and logistic constraints;

· Offshore commissioning & operations handover and acceptance;

· Maintenance shutdown / turnaround planning and logistics;

· Offshore safe systems of work (Permit to Work);

· Resource management.

The role must be prepared to travel to the various project operating centres and possess the skills, cultural awareness and ability to understand the complex processes and activities associated with large scale EPCIC projects, that cross all disciplines, multiple design sites with multicultural project teams. The position will be required to liaise closely with COMPANY operations and maintenance personnel and form a close, but professional, working relationship with COMPANY operations and maintenance personnel.

The role is required to provide expert opinion to support JV HSE, engineering, process, design disciplines by:

· HSE – Provide mechanical engineering experience to HAZOPS / SIL / P&ID reviews and workshops, HSE studies so as to ensure the safe start-up, operations and shutdown.

· Design – Provide offshore mechanical experience to all JV project disciplines, as required, by attending design and 3D model reviews, workshops, studies and by reviewing project drawings, philosophies and procedures.

During this design phase, the role will be required to assist in providing robust processes and procedures for mechanical specific maintenance activities to ensure operational success during the different EPCIC phases of FLNG project. These activities include:

· Facility decommissioning processes and requirements;

· Offshore Logistics management plans;

· Shutdown / turnaround logistics, on-board material handling plans, schedule and procedures;

· Input to JV Maintenance team inductions;

· Input to JV Maintenance team training requirements;

· Input to JV Maintenance team training procedures;

· JV Maintenance team tools, equipment;

· Integrated maintenance team HSE, engineering and management support;

· Provide a list of mechanical maintenance requirements up to RFSU.


The Mechanical Supervisor reports to the JV Operations and Maintenance Manager. The role is based in Geoje, South Korea

With the focus being on HSE, the position will be responsible for the supervision of all mechanical maintenance activities during the shipyard phase. The role will integrate competent personnel into the Integrated maintenance teams to ensure a high level maintenance, preservation and repair is conducted and recorded.

The role will be required to attend:

· Safety and planning meetings;

· Project briefings;

· Commissioning team meetings and planning meetings.

The role will be required to:

· Report of maintenance activities and performance;

· Report all maintenance issues and recommend corrective actions;

· Ensuring maintenance team personnel understand their emergency response actions;

· Participate in daily tool box meetings;

· Prepare safe system of work permits, related to maintenance activities;

· Responsible for maintenance and preservation plan development and execution;

· Responsible all maintenance, repair and preservation activities are recorded in CMMS;

· Lead all job hazard analysis (JHA) related to maintenance activities;

· Ensure that all maintenance activities covered by suitable and agreed procedures;

· Chair all job hazard analysis (JHA) related to maintenance activities;

· Assist in closing out of review and audit action items;

· Provide support and direction to maintenance team;

· Assist in emergency response coordination, in line with shipyard/project agreed procedures;

· Ensure maintenance activities do not cause CONOPS issues or impede shipyard, commissioning or operational activities;

Assume duties of Maintenance Supervisor.


The Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor reports to the Maintenance Superintendent. The role is located on the FLNG facility, on a rotational basis. Rotation will be defined during detailed design phase.


Upon arrival at site, the Maintenance Supervisor will report to the Maintenance Superintendent and be responsible for supervision and work assignments of all maintenance activities to;

· Ensuring maintenance activities are conducted in a safe and efficient manner;

· Attend daily planning, Safe System of Work and management meetings;

· Accountable for management of on-board equipment movements and logistic requirements;

· Responsible for Deck Crew and their operations;

· Owner of maintenance plans for all maintenance activities prior to RFSU;

· Attend daily tool box meetings for the Integrated maintenance team;

· Raise safe system of work permits, related to maintenance and preservation of equipment and systems;

· Chair all job hazard analysis (JHA) related to maintenance activities;

· Accountable for ensuring that all relevant maintenance activities conducted in accordance with suitable and agreed maintenance procedures;

· Accountable for ensuring all maintenance and preservation activities are captured in the CMMS;

· Liaise closely with the Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance and Marine Supervisors, in order to plan maintenance activities to minimize risk and prevent equipment / system shutdowns;

· Develop and maintain reports of maintenance activities and performance;

· Investigation of all shutdowns of equipment/systems and develop actions;

· Performing regular inspections of equipment/systems and maintenance activities to ensure compliance with safe working procedures and practices;

· Assist in the close out of review and audit action items;

· Responsible for the integration of COMPANY maintenance personnel and demobilization of JV maintenance personnel;

· Prepare for transition of JV Maintenance Supervisors position to COMPANY Maintenance Supervisor at the appropriate time.

Qualifications Required

Health, Safety & Environment

· Provide experienced Offshore Operational input to all relevant HSE studies and workshops including Hazops, Hazids, technical reviews, etc.

· Ensure safe and environmentally responsible procedures and work practices are implemented during the EPCIC phases for O&M activities.

· Ensure project HSE philosophies / direction align with longer term operational philosophies / direction. Standards should flow from project to operational phase.

· HSE processes and procedures are in place for all phases of development.

· Align O&M specific PTW processes, procedures and management with either project or COMPANY PTW system, relevant to phase of project.

· Ensure design is aligned to COMPANY operations philosophy in regard to safety and environment.

· Manage safe operations work practices during all operational phases of the project, including shift handovers and commissioning handovers, start-up and performance tests.

People & Management

· Participate in the identification and recruitment process for offshore maintenance personnel required to maintain commissioned equipment through to PAC.

· Assist in the effective integration of shipyard, JV and COMPANY maintenance personnel by developing mobilization and demobilization plans.

· Assist in maintenance handover process and procedure from Commissioning team to O&M team.

· Accountable for day to day maintenance interfaces with consortium and COMPANY project teams in areas of responsibility.

Operational Design / Input

· Access, ergonomics, etc are in line with project specifications;

· Prevent “preferential Engineering” by ensuring all operational inputs to design conform to contracted specifications, codes and standards;

· Design considerations include appropriate level of access, mechanical handling, sparing, reliability, storage, maintenance personnel as per project specifications.

· Liaise closely with and provide operational support to commissioning team as required.

· Ensure design is aligned to operations & maintenance philosophy / specifications / regulations / codes in regard to best practice.

· Provide ad hoc technical assistance / operations support to commissioning team.

· Liaise with COMPANY Operations representatives to form a close working relationship.


· Ensure JV Operations Management are advised of all project / design issues impacting on operations and maintenance.

· Maintenance focal point for field interface communications between commissioning group personnel.

· Provide weekly reports, as required by position, during detailed design and daily reports during shipyard and offshore phases.

Ethics and Integrity

· Ensure conformance with JGC and Project highest standards of integrity.

· Ensure all Operational activities under direct responsibility are carried out in compliance with JGC corporate and project policies.

Other requirements:

· Bosiet will be mandatory for the operations

· Language: English. French is a plus.


Start Date : 28/04/2017

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Paris or Yokohama
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Bosiet will be mandatory for the operations · Language: English. French is a plus.