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Job Details

(2022) Night Shift Superintendent posted by All jobs by Bolashak

Job Requirements:

The Night Shift Superintendent is responsible for supervising the overall safety, field execution and subcontractors performance on all project night shift construction activities. The Superintendent is responsible for the timely work scope definition, planning, estimating, efficient field execution and mechanical completion of constructed activities in proper sequence as well as the coordination and seamless communication between the Construction Manager, EPCM Contractor, construction contractors and vendors. The Night Shift Superintendent shall: Manage the development and implementation of the overall construction execution plan. Ensure that an overall construction work scope is clearly defined and finalized. Review contractors construction planning, subcontract selection, construction logistics, quality control, schedule and progress measurement and other construction related issues; make recommendations to improve on safety, schedule, productivity and/or cost. Provide Constructability input on the engineering and design effort. Establish clear roles and responsibilities for the personnel assigned to the construction team. Staff the construction team with essential personnel and resources to ensure the effective management of the field construction. Develop clear lines of communication among all construction staff. Facilitate in the development of measurable construction goals and the communication of them to all construction participants. Develop organization and systems to monitor and to insure expected construction performance (safety, progress and quality control); lead and develop recovery programs should performance fall below expectations in some area Provide leadership in implementing sound subcontracting process and selecting construction subcontractors. Ensure development of safe and efficient rigging / heavy lift plans. Develop strategies to get highest craft productivity. Construction Phase Provide leadership to ensure safety remains the top priority, of all participants during the construction Phase. Lead Incident and Injury Free (IIF) for Construction Team and as part of project leadership. Ensure operability considerations are included in all designs. Apply appropriate VIPs. Ensure project construction Support Company Environmental Stewardship intents. Ensure highest performance of the Site Construction Team as it relates to safety, logistics and field execution. Provide oversight with implementation contractors project HSE policies / procedures at the project work site. Take the lead on resolving safety issues; participate in Serious Incident Investigations and follow-up on recommendations; randomly participate in Safety Tool Box Meetings Develop strategies/incentives to foster a safe construction site. Interface with the Delivery Manager and the Site Project Team regarding the resolution of contract, schedule, quality and safety concerns. Oversight of all Contractors' construction related activities assuring the successful completion of the work in accordance with the project schedule and contract specifications and governing codes. Work with company and contractor to resolve all quality control related issues and engineering questions. Work with the procurement staff to ensure the timely delivery of equipment and materials to support efficient field execution activities. Review all contractors construction plans for critical lifts and expediting the timely approval of same. Review with the contractors planning for task duration and the timely movement of personnel, equipment and material. Work with Project Controls to develop Construction reports necessary to track all facets of Construction effort (safety, progress, schedule and quality control) Ensure early resolution of any conflicts between the field contractors. Observe and ensure compliance to construction schedule, productivity, quality and safety issues. Construction will provide redlines to Engineering for development of AsBuilt drawings. Implementation of all the Mechanical Completion protocols prior to transfer of facilities to operations. Participate in the detailed post project evaluation. Perform through evaluations of all construction contractors and support



Rotation: 28 x 28 (11 hours)


Start Date : 09/02/2017

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
The Night Shift Superintendent is responsible for supervising the overall safety, field execution and subcontractors performance on all project night shift construction activities