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Job Details


SMA is responsible at Site for erection activities, management of the site staff, erection subcontracts, commissioning activities, start up, testing and handing over the works to the Client.
SMA represents the Company towards the Client and third parties at Site.
SMA attains complete knowledge of site execution plan, time schedule, scope of supply & works, subcontracts, construction budget, status of documentation, site staffing plan, applicable local and site regulations.
Strategically, SMA manages the time schedule, progress of works and resources.
SMA assists the Project Manager in the management of the subcontractors, consortium partners and other entities.
Establish and administer a material control program consistent with project requirements.
SMA has full responsibility of all construction related activities at Site.
Responsible of keeping the contractual site schedule and keeping the site costs within the budget or improve them.
SMA ensures detailed work planning.
Mobilize and deploy required manpower, tools, equipment and other resources for timely completion of the works.
Be the point-of-contract with the Client and local authorities for all site issues (Schedule, Quality, Health & Safety, Labor relations, etc.).
Feedback to PM during execution of any cost, process, scope changes or quality issues that may impact the project or future projects.
SMA supports the Project Team in the preparation of the construction aspects (time schedule, subcontracts and procedures).
SMA conducts daily and weekly meetings with Company's staff and subcontractors.
SMA assures the implementation of terms and conditions and contractual obligation of erection contracts with erection subcontractors.
Ensure timely preparation of invoicing documents.
Implementing the claim management strategy on site in conjunction with Project Manager.
SMA reports to the Project Manager on risks and opportunities on a regular, periodic basis.
Responsible for a comprehensive reporting on any additional costs and extra works.
Provide backup documentation and invoice processing information as required to support all field back charges and Customer extras within 30 days after completion of the work.
Follow up with Client the invoices process liaising with headquarter.
SMA issues weekly and monthly reports to Head Office.
Provide Company's Head Office (Project Manager, Construction Dept., Commissioning Dept., Planning Dept.) with updated construction progress figures as well as construction plans and schedules.
Maintain the job site log for documenting progress and situations (e.g. force majeure) that could result in claims against Company.
SMA has the duties and responsibilities of ‘preposto’, as per Dlg.81/08.
SMA is responsible of implementing the Company Safety Management System.
SMA is responsible of implementing Safety Plan and Programs on Site and contributing to keep them updated.
SMA ensures that the subcontractors Safety Plan and Programs are issued, reviewed, updated and implemented.
SMA has the duty to report to Client's Head Office incidents and accidents of the Company staff immediately.
SMA is responsible for implementing quality assurance procedures at Site.
SMA ensures the correct implementation of NCR procedure at Site.
Ensure that the the Comapany Quality Assurance/Control are available, reviewed, updated and implemented to ensure compliance with contractual requirements and regulations.
Ensure that the subcontractors time schedule, execution plan, Quality Assurance/Control are issued, reviewed, updated and implemented to ensure compliance with contract requirements, safety laws and regulations.
Ensure that construction follows all codes, statutory regulations and specifications.
Implement the applicable labor laws.
Ensure that erection completion documentation and turn over packages are timely prepared and submitted.
SMA is responsible to mobilize and demobilize the Company Site Office and its infrastructures, including vehicles, accommodation and other support for site staff.
Set up the site filing and document control system.
To organize transportation, vehicles, accommodation and other services for the Company staff (permanents and visitors), under the guidelines of the Project Manager.
SMA has the duty to manage the Company staff at Site.
SMA review the resource plan of the Site on a monthly basis and propose to the Head Office integrations and changes to assure sufficient and efficient staff for all site activities, including safety, environmental, material management, quality, planning, document control, contracts management and clerical works.
To assess the performance of his staff every year.
SMA is responsible to implement the Site Organization that is established for the Project and to ensure that all individual tasks of the members of Site staff are fulfilled as per applicable operative instruction.
SMA provides a comprehensive feedback to Construction Department on all aspects of Site Management (for example: contracting philosophies, infrastructure development, etc.) and indicates potential improvements.


Start Date : 14/05/2016

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
Bachelor degree in technical discipline. MS Project, MS Office software.