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Job Details

(1372) Nurse

Job Description
Principal Accountabilities:
• Assist Physicians in the patient care procedures like patient consultation, and minor surgical procedures conducted in clinic. Takes and records the Vital signs of the patients. Assists and escorts patients for lab, x-ray, audiometry and other investigations. Assists the persons presenting to clinic for Routine Medical Examination.
• Facilitate & assist doctor and/ or provide first aid treatment if necessary. Apply wound dressings, attend to first degree burns and abrasions, administer prescribed medicines, and give vaccinations and injections as instructed by the doctor. Respecting and protecting patient’s confidentiality.
• Technical duties include electrocardiography, audiometry, vitalography, and other duties associated with industrial medical practice and preventive medicine.
• Receive medicine stocks from Abu Dhabi, storing in pharmacy and dispensing as prescribed, updating and removing expired drugs. (Pharmacist job) provide general nursing assistance to the doctor in the treatment of patients. Prepare patients for physical examination, take & record temperature, pulse and blood pressure readings, monitor and completer their case sheets.
• Attend patients in the housing complex and contractors’ camp to administer prescribed medicine (usually done by a separate dedicated medical team in the city based medical Centre), accompanying ambulance driver when picking up serious cases.
• Accompany patients evacuated to Abu Dhabi and ensures that they are received by an ambulance in Abu Dhabi or handed over by the nurse to the contacted receiving government or private hospitals.
• Carry out other similar or related duties such as collecting patients’ medical reference cards, retrieving and preparing patients’ files, operating a range of medical equipment such as electrocardiographs and physiotherapy machines at the clinic, observing hygiene standards and preparing & organizing the health education & welfare of patients.
• Ensure that infection control measures are strictly followed as per HAAD regulations to avoid cross contamination through hands, clothes or any equipment/ instrument. Performs all clinic daily activities such as sterilization, housekeeping as per Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) Guidelines.
• Providing in patient care to advised patients.
• Assisting the dentist and updating the dental clinic requirements and maintenance of the equipment.
• Coordinating with HSE. Implementation and follow up HSE guidelines on various activities in the clinic particularly waste management.
• Follow up and monitoring the health of employees on island by annual/ periodic checkup.

Minimum Requirements:
• Completion of Secondary Education (12 years), plus 4 years full-time nursing bachelor formal training in a recognized nurses institute.
• 6-8 years practical nursing work in a general hospital or infirmary.


Start Date : 06/12/2015

Status : Waiting

Abu Dhabi
Education Level
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering
Professional Type
Required Skills
offshore , HSE , electrocardiography, audiometry, vital