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Job Details

(1326) Wellsite Geologist

The Role:
• Evaluating offset data before the start of drilling
• Comparing data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the offset well operation.
• Taking full responsibility for making decisions about suspending or continuing drilling;
• Advising operations personnel on-site and in the operations office related to geological activities.
• Acting, in effect, as the representative of the offshore oil company geology team
• Keeping detailed records, writing reports, completing daily, weekly and post-well reporting logs and sending these to appropriate departments and COMPANYs Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Manager
• Supervision of Mud Logging and well unloading activities on rig site offshore
• Cuttings and samples lithological description and sample storage
• Supervision, daily and other periodical reporting, MasterLog data check, supervision of hydrocarbon and H2S readings, mud logging equipment regular testing
• Assist on casing and coring point decision
• Revise well correlations if/when requested
• Supervise and assist in coring operations. Prepare relevant documentation
• Supervise/witness LWD and WL logging data acquisition.
• Responsible of quality control check and deliverables preparation in any related geological activity.
• Actively interface drilling staff on rig site (SDSV, DSV & Drilling Superintendent) to advise on subsurface related matters.
• Full understanding of pore pressure and fracture gradient estimates and communication of any deviation from prognosed to the wellsite drilling team and operations geologist.
• Review of all drilling risks prior to each hole section and effectively communicating these to the drilling team at the wellsite. 'No Drilling Surprises' is a key driver in COMPANY operations.
• Populate the Wellsite Data Book with significant operational events and any associated NPT.
• Specific experience is required in understanding borehole instability issues and the collation of all geologically related data including hydrocarbon shows.
• Capture Lessons Learnt in Wellsite Data Book
• Supervision and quality assurance of all LWD and Wireline Services.
• Ensure that all real-time subsurface data is available to all authorised parties.
• Support drilling team with information on formation changes and assist in bit trip decisions.
• Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of MWD (measuring while drilling) tools, such as gamma and resistivity, as geosteering becomes increasingly important.
• Communicating regularly with onshore operations offices.
• Check contractors performances
Desired Candidate Profile

Essential Skills / Qualifications:
• Must be Indonesian with age between 34 to 50 years old.
• Minimum 8 years of industry experience which 5 years of experience as Wellsite geologis.t
• Direct experience in offshore well operations.
• Have excellent knowledge of geology in siliciclastics and carbonates.
• Experience in fracture carbonate reservoir and well with high temperature.
• Strong background in the theory and practical application of pore pressure prediction is required.
• Must be able to operate the Geologger full suite software
• Regional experience from Offshore Java (Madura Offshore) is preferred.
• Minimum of 3 years experience in drilling with ERD and horizontal wells.
• Experience in Development wells operation.
• Bachelor Degree in Earth Science or Geology or similar from university.
• Very good knowledge of English language essential.
• Computer Literate. Familiarity with geological software packages.
• Have valid offshore safety passport (T-BOSIET).


Start Date : 29/11/2015

Status : Waiting

Education Level
Professional Type
Required Skills
offshore carbonate BOSIET