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Job Details

(1006) Document Controller (23M)

 Maintains and manages all important divisional documents, including electronic data and documents either for a particular project or the organization and assures that they are easily accessible and stored. Scans and verifies documents before they are released and ensures that such documents are registered and electronically stored. Collaborates with the different departments within the Division on all related activities and verifies that documents are kept in the right location and are readily accessible to all internal departments, ensuring all departments of the Division are following the same procedures
 Documentation Activities: Coordinates all activities related to the Action Follow-Up System Document Control procedure, including technical documents, project documentation, drawings, and commercial and official correspondence for the concerned Division. Inputs document data into the standard registers ensuring that the information is accurate and up-to-date.
 Maintains updated records of all approved documents and drawings and ensures their accurate distribution. Maintain all documents and drawings in the Document Control office under safe custody, without any damage or deterioration and with easy traceability. Manages the process of retrieval and dissemination of internal and external project correspondence and ensures good relationship with the staff.
 Documentation Management: Co-ordinates the document control function of the Division, ensuring all the documents are correctly recorded and communicated. Manages own and subordinate’s daily workload. Organizes and controls document management system, including revision control, change requests and document formatting. Takes responsibility for examining and checking documents to ensure accuracy, relevance and completeness.
 Basic Tasks: Monitors and evaluates Action Follow-Up Systems and contrives ways for continuous improvement Evaluates, assesses and where appropriate introduces software aiming to support the document control function. Produces document control specific procedures and work instructions for review and approval of the supervisor. Exports the as-built files in the customer required format Provides a detailed and illuminating description of all possible document flow structures in the Action Follow-Up System. Ensures efficient and cost effective filing and document management system. Operates available machines such as word processor, computer terminal, etc. to enter, amend and update information independently as necessary. Produces hardcopy reports.
 Receives and distributes incoming mail; makes copies as needed and presents to supervisor. Maintains a proper register for incoming/outgoing mail. Miscellaneous: Performs other similar or related duties as assigned. Includes observing confidentiality, ensuring security of the system, etc


Start Date : 23/08/2015

Status : Waiting

Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Abu dhabi
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Document Controller